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What We Do

Our Executive protection agents offer physical protection to keep high-profile clients safe from potential danger and are able to identify possible hostile situations and divert them. That can be handled through our initial assessment, Surveylance Detections (SD), Evasive Driving, or physical hand to hand PRT - Protection Response Tactics (Sitfu - Alan Baker)...all this designed to de-escalate situations, and to create the safest environment possible for the Principal.

Executive Protection

We provide a wide range of Executive Protection services for High Net-worth Individuals. We are a one stop agency, from advance on your home or venues, to Detection of Threats, to properly driving your assets...we can do it all. Additionally we are one of the only companies that has a medical director and legally able to provide medical attention to our clients.

EP Agent Training and Integration

We do not just protect but we train our people, and will training your teams through our vast list of partnerships.

Practice Areas
  • Corporate Security

  • Energy Executives

  • Disaster Protection

  • ​Executive Extraction

  • Executive Transport

  • Estate Security

  • Holiday Support

  • Security Training

EMS Training/ Medical Director

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