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pedro sauer conference 2022 Indian Trail, NC

Pedro Sauer Seminar in North Carolina

SDS Training

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Why choose us...

For over 12 years SDS has enjoyed a career as Celebrity Bodyguards, Executive Protection agents, Managers in Corporate Security, Armed and Unarmed Static Security...with Expertise in Emergency Medical Services. 

SDS offers training in various locations for the following programs: Martial Arts, Self Defense, CCW, Armed and Unarmed Security, Executive Protection, Corporate Security Management, Celebrity Protection, Surveillance/Surveillance Detection, and Tactical Medicine for the Executive Protection Professional.




Martial Arts History

I Kent Stark, managing partner of SDS, have been involved in Martial Arts since I was 10 years old, starting with Tai-kwon Do as a kid. I then started training boxing in 2010 with PTL in Prairie du Chien, WI. While there I met a Muy Thai Professional by the name of Jon Holly and he started teaching May Thai until about 2016. When I got into the Security industry I found Russian Systema through a Security Colleague and dug into that for ten years. In 2021 I got interested in Brazilian Jui Jitsu and joined a local gym in Cody WY called Potter Self Defense and started my BJJ walk there, trained at Humaita Texas, seminars with Pedro Sauer, and finally landed with Alan Baker at AMAC (Atlanta Martial Arts Center) where I trained and became an affiliate both personally and through my business. We here are proud to call ourselves connected to Team Baker!

kent stark karate 10 years old




While in the US Navy I was trained as a SSDF on ship to provide armed security.


Started training Boxing and Muy Thai Kickboxing


Received the certification from the NRA to be a Basic Handgun Instructor

Began my walk in Russian Systema with Systema St Louis 



Attended Select International PDS course, VDI evasive driving course, DSI combat handgun course


Attended Select International surveillance detection, DSI combat rifle course, started BJJ with Potter SD


Became an affiliate of TEAM BAKER

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Early Bird Memberships

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  • Jujitsu Adult - $100.00 per month

  • Jujitsu Kids - $75.00 per month

  • Women's Self Defense - FREE

  • Systema Adult - $100.00 per month

  • CCW Course (one day) - $50.00

  • SDS Advanced Combat Firearms Course (5 days) - $1500.00

  • SDS Residential Security Course (one day) - $199.00

  • SDS Executive Protection Course (5 days) - $999.00

  • SDS EP Skills Course - VDI Driving, DSI Combat Firearms, VDI Surveillance Detection, Starkcorp Medical Lifesaver - $4999.00

Adult Jui Jitsu

Adults 16+

Adult Gi BJJ class will be Mon - Thurs @ 6 pm, this will be a mechanics class to help each practitioner achieve fundamental skills of Gracie Brazilian Jujitsu.

$100.00 per month

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Kids Jui Jitsu

Kids 8-16

Kids Gi BJJ class will be Mon - Thurs @ 4 pm, this will be a mechanics class to help each practitioner achieve fundamental skills of Gracie Brazilian Jujitsu.

$75.00 per month

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Self Defense Class

Women ONLY


We here at SDS are proud to announce our introductory offer for a FREE Self Defense class for women...we want to start of our dedication to the community by providing a service to the community to help our sisters and in return their families feel safer...

sds, womones self defense



This is a beginner class to help students get aquatinted with the SYSTEMA martial arts. This is an adult class that with teach you natural movements of your body and how to move properly in NON force on force disciplines.

$100.00 per month

systema movement course


Adults 21+

SDS has a comprehensive program of CCW, and deescalation tactics that we teach at the minimum fee...


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SDS - Residential Security 

Adults 21+

This is to familiarize the solo practitioner with the skills necessary to provide residential protection of his net worth clients homes.




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